CastFX Liquid Colorant

Product Description

CastFX Liquid Colorants are designed to work specifically with System Three RiverCast, MirrorCast, and MirrorCoat. Add a little for a transparent effect or add up to 4 ounces per mixed gallon for complete opacity with RiverCast or MirrorCast. CastFx Liquid Colorants can be intermixed with one another to create your own unique color blend.

CastFX Liquid Colorants and CastFX Dry Metallic Pigments can be used together to create stunning, one of a kind effects.

  • Create a river table
  • Fill knots and cracks for eye catching color contrasts
  • Use for resin art application
  • Compatible with most epoxy systems*

*Pre-test to ensure the results meet your expectations

CastFX Color Card

Union Blue
Tapps Red
Chelan Green
Crater Yellow
Mason Brown
Crescent Black
Glacier White
$ 21.45

General Information:

Do not add more than 4 ounces per mixed gallon of CastFX Colorant to RiverCast, MirrorCast, or MirrorCoat.


Measuring And Mixing:

Combine the Resin (Part A) with the Hardener (Part B) at the appropriate ratio. Mix thoroughly according to the RiverCast or MirrorCast product specifications. Then add CastFX Liquid Colorant to the level of your liking up to 4 ounces per mixed gallon. Mix until the color is uniformly blended with the casting resin.



CastFX Liquid Colorants can be cleaned up with lacquer thinner, denatured alcohol, or white vinegar.

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