Submarine Underwater Epoxy

Product Description

Submarine is a general use, epoxy paste compound that bonds to wet surfaces by displacing water from the substrate. Submarine can even be applied to objects that are completely submerged and will cure in temperatures as low as 35°F.


  • Bonds to a variety of wet substrates
  • Patch holes in wooden and aluminum boats
  • Fills cracks in swimming pools
  • Cures in low temperatures
$ 33.95
Mix Ratio by Volume100:100
Mix Ratio by Weight100:95
VOC Content0 g/L
Minimum Application Temperature35° F (2° C)
Working Time @ 70° F (21° C) 45 Minutes
Cure to Handle @ 70° F (21° C) 5 Hours
Full Cure @ 70° F (21° C) 4 Days



Suitable Substrates:


Substrates include concrete, stone, masonry, glass, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, high carbon, and mild steel. Submarine can be used as a general-purpose adhesive or patching compound. Reinforcement materials such as fiberglass cloth work well for applications requiring additional strength. Submarine can be easily sanded, filed, and drilled.


Note: Submarine is designed for scenarios where it’s not possible to dry the substrate. The bond strength of Submarine is good in less than ideal conditions. The integrity of the bond can degrade due to substrate corrosion or other deterioration from moisture. Because of this, periodic maintenance may be necessary.


For dry substrates use T-88, G-2 or GelMagic structural epoxy adhesives from System Three. Submarine is not intended for bonding to plastics, copper, brass, or galvanized metal.


Surface Preparation:

The surface must be damp for Submarine to achieve its maximum bond strength. Make sure the surface is wet, clean and free from dirt, contaminants and loose material. Coarse Scotch-Brite pads work well for abrading uneven surfaces, otherwise, use 60-80 grit sandpaper.


Measuring and Mixing:

Using disposable safety gloves, combine equal parts of Submarine Resin (Part A) with Hardener (Part B). Mix the components until they are uniform in color.



If bonding two materials together, apply Submarine to both surfaces. Mate the objects together by gently moving them back and forth. If necessary, use a weighted object or support until Submarine has cured sufficiently. Rubber bands, string or elastic cordage can be used as well.


For patching operations, apply Submarine to the wet substrate. Then on a flat surface, work Submarine into the reinforcement material. Press the reinforcement material evenly onto the substrate. If necessary, add more Submarine to the reinforcement material and surrounding patch area.

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