Markets We Serve

System Three Resins has been formulating and manufacturing epoxy and urethane adhesives, coatings and compounds since 1979. Most boatbuilders already know who we are because initially we focused on providing products and services for this market. Our first product, System Three General Purpose Epoxy, with its choice of three hardeners, (hence the company name System Three Resins, Inc.) was specifically formulated for boatbuilders. This 100% solids, medium modulus epoxy system has become a boatbuilding epoxy standard, trusted by both amateur and professional boat builders alike.

While selling General Purpose Epoxy along with related fillers and application tools remains a large part of our business we have, over the past several years, leveraged our technical expertise, marketing know how and excellent reputation in the boatbuilding community by expanding our product line and aggressively adding OEM customers in the industrial epoxy sector. Since then our industrial R&D staff has helped many companies in industries from appliance manufacturing to fishing rod assembly.

Today System Three manufactures and markets a diverse line of general purpose resins, special purpose resins, epoxy adhesives, wood restoration epoxies, fillers, additives and marine coatings to consumers and commercial customers throughout the world. The company also manufactures a broad range of specially formulated products for OEM customers. The System Three name has become synonymous with easy-to-use, technologically superior products and outstanding customer service and technical support.

Simplicity In Epoxy Use Has Finally Arrived! All of the markets we serve are able to take advantage of our u-TAH™ Cartridge delivery system. If you have never applied epoxy products with a dispensing gun you will be amazed when you try our new u-TAH Cartridge. They take all the measuring and mixing out of the process of using epoxy. All you have to do is point and shoot. The mixing tip will put the precise amount of epoxy exactly where you want it with no mess and minimum waste.


We’ve spent over 30 years creating products and literature specifically for wood/epoxy boat construction.
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We know more about making high quality adhesives, coatings and putties for woodworkers than any other manufacturer in the industry.
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We like to have fun. For this reason we have always been drawn to the hobby and sports markets for ideas on new products and services.
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Wood Restoration

We’re located in the Pacific Northwest, famous for it’s damp conditions. This leads to extreme moisture damage for any wood that is used outdoors. We created an epoxy system to consolidate and replace wood that is rotted or deteriorated.
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Industrial & OEM

We have developed high-performance, low-hazard epoxy and polyurethane products for a widevariety of applications from an encapsulant for electronic toothbrushes to a waterborne coating for composite graphite sports equipment.
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