Retail Dealers

What criteria need to be met to be a System Three Dealer?

You’ll need either a retail or wholesale presence in your marketplace. Be an established business in your community. Be able to place a stocking order. Meet the credit requirements of our finance department. In addition, each market can only support a limited number of dealers; therefore, not all markets are available to new dealers.

My friends buy epoxy from me, can I be a dealer?

Yes, assuming you meet the criteria set out above.

Can I sell your products over the Internet?

Many of our existing dealers currently sell over the Internet. New dealers that meet the Dealer Criteria (see above) are welcome to sell over the Internet. Beware of the specific shipping regulations that many of our products are subject to.

I don’t want to stock your products, can I resell them anyway?

We do have a program for customers who sell boat plans or kits where we will drop ship to their customers. Please contact us with the specifics of your situation.

How do I establish a commercial credit account with System Three?

Click here to download our credit application PDF . We can often approve credit in 24 hours; however, it can take up to two weeks.

Does System Three have field sales representation?

We do have representatives in many markets in the US and Canada. Contact us for more information.

I live outside North America, can I be a dealer?

Yes, we are always looking to increase our dealer network abroad. Contact us for more information.