Wood Restoration

System Three Resins, a company known for its marine adhesives and coatings, is located in the Pacific Northwest, which everyone knows is famous for it’s damp conditions. This can lead to moisture damage to any wood that is used outdoors. It is not surprising then that System Three Resins has developed an epoxy system to consolidate and replace wood that is rotted or deteriorated. These epoxy products, RotFix® and SculpWood®, are 100% non-volatile and were engineered specifically for wood restoration and repair. They provide superior performance to any polyester based system. Products like them have been used in marine applications for over 30 years. System Three Resins took these superior epoxy repair products a step further by recognizing that restoration repairs cannot be made permanent if the wood-destroying organisms aren’t eliminated and kept from re-infecting the wood. For this reason System Three Resins has added a wood fungicide to the RotFix/SculpWood epoxy repair system.

The combination of epoxy and wood fungicides is called the EndRot System. For the wood fungicide System Three chose a borate-type preservative because the borates are lethal to wood destroying organisms, but almost harmless to humans, plants and animals. There are two forms of borate preservatives in the EndRot System. Board Defense®, a water-soluble powder, kills any actively growing rot fungus or wood destroying insects and Bor-8 Rods®, a solid, concentrated sodium borate, that stays in the wood long-term to keep rot from coming back. Both borate preservatives are EPA-registered pesticides in the USA. Bor8Rods are a PEMA-registered pesticide in Canada. Board Defense is not and cannot be shipped to Canada. This revolutionary EndRot System provides a permanent, complete cure for both the cause and the symptoms of wood rot deterioration.

We now offer a convenient EndRot Kit that contains enough material to complete a typical repair to a window or door severely damaged by rot, weather, and sun. For larger or multiple repairs, RotFix, SculpWood, Board Defense and Impel Rods are available individually, in larger sizes. Please see the Product Information pages for these products for more information.

EndRot Kit Contents:


  • 6 ea. Bor-8 Rods
  • 2 oz. Board Defense
  • 2 oz. RotFix Resin
  • 1 oz. RotFix Hardener
  • 8 oz. SculpWood Resin
  • 8 oz. SculpWood Hardener
  • 2 pair Gloves
  • Literature Pack

We are committed to helping restore your wood. Follow this link to our project pages where you’ll find resources to help you complete your rot repair project.

System Three, RotFix, SculpWood and EndRot are registered trademarks of System Three Resins, Inc., Board Defense is a registered trademark of Incide Technologies, Inc., Bor-8 Rods is a registered trademark of Woodcare System.