System Three Resins has been focusing on the woodworking market since its inception. We believe that we know more about making high quality adhesives, coatings and putties for woodworkers than any other manufacturer in the industry. We spend many hours every week talking to woodworkers about their projects and have created several new products in response to their specific requests.

For example, when woodworkers around the country continually asked us for a durable bar and tabletop coating we came out with MirrorCoat, a pourable, self-leveling bar and table top finish. We specially formulated this product to have excellent heat and impact resistance.

Likewise, when woodworkers asked us for epoxy pigments that they could use to do decorative inlays we introduced our line of resin-dispersed pigments in 2 & 4 oz jars. Both of these new products have become very popular with woodworkers all over the country. Product development for woodworkers is a continuous process at System Three Resins. We have just introduced MetlWeld , an adhesive specially designed for gluing metal to wood and a variety of other materials.