MirrorCoat Colors

Product Description

MirrorCoat Colors are 100% solids, pourable, self-leveling epoxy resins, which form a tough, waterproof protective layer. MirrorCoat Colors come in white, black, brown, red, yellow, blue, and green. Colors can be intermixed to attain distinctive hues. Suitable substrates are wood, ceramic, stone, concrete, and properly prepared metal surfaces.

MirrorCoat Colors are appropriate for:

  • Woodworking Projects
  • MirrorCoat Bar & Tabletop Coating Enhancements
  • Arts and Crafts

Please refer to our whitepaper detailing the proper application technique of MirrorCoat colors, and to the MirrorCoat page for more detail including safety and technical data on the MirrorCoat family of products.

$ 24.95
Mix Ratio by Volume100:50
Mix Ratio by Weight100:44
Total Solids1
Mixed Viscosity700cps
Hardness, Shore D (72 hrs.)80
Coverage @ 60 mils26 sq. ft./gal (0.67 sq. m/L)
Minimum Application Temperature60°F (16°C)
Heat Deflection Temperature140°F (60°C)
Tack Free Time Thin Film @77°F (25°C)24 hours
Gel Time @77°F (25°C)40 minutes (100g mixture)
Full Cure @77°F (25°C)72 Hours (100g mixture)

SDS Part A | SDS Part B


Technical Data Sheet




MirrorCoat hardeners ship as hazardous and will incur additional charges when shipped via air. Ground shipments generally do not have additional hazard charges. We will contact you with the details of any additional charges before shipping your order.

Decorative Applications with MirrorCoat Colors

Working with MirrorCoat

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