SilverTip Trial Kit

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Each SilverTip Series product has been formulated from the ground up, optimized for its specific application using 21st century technology. All you do is measure and mix dustless liquids and pastes. This approach makes uncompromised products possible.

For 30+ years boatbuilders have had to suffer with general-purpose resins and bins of hideous powders only to come up with less than perfect compounds.

The SilverTip Trial Kit contains:

  • SilverTip Laminating Epoxy: 6 fl oz.
  • EZ-Fillet: 6 fl oz.
  • Gel Magic: 3 fl oz.
  • MetlWeld: 4 fl oz.
  • QuikFair: 6 fl oz.
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Mixing tools
  • Literature
$ 29.95

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