The Epoxy Files — Success Stories


V-2 Rocket 0

Alan Overmoe's model V-2 rocket takes off from the Salt Flats. The rocket fully loaded weighs 105 pounds and is powered by an "N" motor. Top speed is 725 feet per second, just under the speed of sound. Alan hails from Salt Lake and has built a white water dory using System Three epoxy.

PT-15 High-Performance Sailing Dinghy 0

The PT-15 is a high-performance, cold-molded, gaff-rigged sailing dinghy imagined by Dave Robison (director of the Northwest Maritime Center), designed by Paul Bieker (designer of the BMW Oracle AMERICA's Cup) and built at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding by the students using System Three Epoxy products.

Makah Indian Canoe 0

Makah Indian Canoe built by John Marples using cold-molded Constant Camber construction. The design was taken from the northwestern Washington State tribe's whaling canoes. Marples is well known for his Searunner Trimaran work.

Mahogany Bench 0

"I've tried a few spar varnishes, but none can compare to this brand. I just took a look at the one-coat I applied Sunday and it's smooth as glass. Once you use this stuff you'll be searching your yard for something else to coat."

High Power Model Rocket 0

Twenty pound model rocket built by Rick Dickinson in Southern California. By his own admission Rick is a Rockaholic and obviously into whimsy. Now you know how "red skies at night" happen.

Futura Yachts "Pantera" 0

Futura Yachts 'Pantera'

The "Pantera" catamaran was built by Bob Smith of Futura Yachts of Sidney, BC, in three years using Phase Two Epoxy. Bob designed "Pantera" and races her extensively in the Canadian Gulf Islands and the Strait of Georgia in southwestern British Columbia, Canada.

Cedar Stripped Planked Canoe 0

Cedar Stripped Planked Canoe

This cedar strip planked canoe was built by John Hartvigson, photo taken on Mirror Lake, Alaska.

This boat is a beautiful example of this method of construction.

BOC Singlehander 0

BOC Singlehander

This 65-foot BOC singlehandler was designed by Dave Gerr and built by Paul Harden Cohen in New York State. The boat has made a trans-atlantic passage.

Aerobee 300 High Power Rocket 0

Aerobee 300 High Power Rocket

Chip Jenkins of Seville, Ohio, made this a 4" Diameter Aerobee 300 High Power rocket using the System Three Trial Kit for all of the construction including glassing the fins and the transition. This rocket was launched on July 5th, 2002 to an altitude of 3,300' AGL.

21 Foot Cabin Skiff 0

21 Foot Cabin Skiff

The "Christina Lea", a 21' cabinskiff was designed by Renn Tolman of Homer, Alaska, and built by Gary Porter of Fairbanks, Alaska. The skiff is constructed of marine plywood saturated with epoxy then covered with fiberglass inside and out, then painted with WR-LPU. The bottom of the hull is epoxy + 25% graphite. The boat from top to bottom is System Three.