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SilverTip GelMagic

GelMagic is a toughened, non-sagging, two component, structural epoxy adhesive designed for superior bonding to wood and most porous materials. Measuring is easily accomplished by either volume or weight. GelMagic requires no additional modification with fillers and can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces without running, eliminating the mess and waste associated with other epoxies.

GelMagic exhibits exceptionally high peel strength and employs a state of the art, two-phase epoxy morphology, which creates an adhesive bond that is tougher, more resistant to embrittlement and has better elevated temperature properties than other room temperature cured epoxy adhesives. GelMagic can be post-cured up to 140ºF for even greater performance.


SilverTip GelMagic

GelMagic is a two component, structural epoxy adhesive that has exceptional non-sag and gap filling characteristics. Because GelMagic is toughened, it can be used in the most demanding industrial, marine and woodworking applications. GelMagic has exceptionally high peel strength and exhibits outstanding elevated temperature performance. Also, of note is GelMagic’s indicator dye that disappears when completely mixed.


• Impact and fracture resistant

• Solvent free

• 20 minute working time

• Bonds to wood, metal, and composites

• For interior and exterior applications

• Fills large gaps without loss of properties

• For above and below the waterline

• Available in cartridges that dispense with a conventional caulking gun

• Mix at a convenient 2:1 ratio


What is the SilverTip Series?

The SilverTip Series Products

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Frequently Asked questions

System Three offers a variety of epoxy adhesives that are formulated to meet a wide range of applications.

Structural Adhesives: High Performance, waterproof adhesives that can be considered for load bearing construction and repairs.

• T-88: Our comprehensive structural adhesive that stands up to adverse application and service conditions. T-88 is the perfect choice as your on-hand epoxy adhesive to keep in the shop or truck.

• G-2: Excels in woodworking applications. G-2’s long, no-rush working time makes it an excellent choice for fine joinery and furniture making. G-2 is a great choice for bonding oily woods like teak and other tropical woods.

• GelMagic: A toughened, non-sagging, gap filling adhesive that has a consistency similar to Vaseline. It forms a permanent bond that is highly impact and fracture resistant. GelMagic can withstand elevated service temperatures and can be post cured for improved properties.

• Blade Pro: A two-component, high-performance glue designed specifically for the knife maker. This state-of-the-art adhesive forms super tough, flexible bonds to wood, Micarta, G10, and other composites. Tenacious bonds are developed to non-ferrous metals, as well as stainless and carbon steel. Blade Pro can also be used as a high-performance adhesive for many other applications where a low viscosity glue is preferred.

• Metlweld: Forms a permanent, non-brittle bond with high impact and creep resistance. Metlweld will bond tenaciously to most metals including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper alloys. It also bonds to glass, stone, concrete, and masonry. It's our epoxy of choice for bonding dissimilar materials.

Hobbyist Adhesives: Quick setting water resistant epoxy adhesives designed to form a strong bond rapidly. Not rated for load bearing repairs and construction.

• Quick Cure 5 and 15: Are excellent choices when you need a good, strong glue that will bond two materials together in minutes. Use to quickly seal edges and cracks, or fill small knot and screw holes.

When exposed to exterior conditions there are a few factors that you need to account for before choosing an adhesive, particularly when gluing wood components together. Check out our article Using Epoxy Adhesive for Outdoor Wood to see if your outdoor project is suited for an epoxy adhesive.

With a few exceptions like Nylon and Mylar, epoxies in general will form poor bonds to thermoplastics like ABS, PVC, Polyethylene, Acrylic, ect. A structural strength bond should not be counted on when bonding to these materials. However, a reasonably good bond can be achieved by using our Gelmagic Structural Adhesive and flame treating the surface prior to bonding.

Flame treat by using a propane torch and quickly waving the flame back and forth over the surface to be bonded. Do this for 30-45 seconds, keeping the flame 6-8 inches from the surface, bond within 1 hour.

Our epoxy adhesives will form tenacious bonds to wood, metal, composites, concrete, masonry, glass, rubber, and thermoset resins like Epoxy, Polyester, and Polyurethanes. Epoxies, in general, will form poor bonds to thermoplastics like ABS, PVC, Polyethylene, and Acrylic.

To ensure a good bond, at a very minimum, the surfaces to be bonded should be clean, sanded (no finer than 150 grit), and solvent wiped.

Some materials will benefit from further preparation to achieve maximum performance.