Product Description

MirrorCast is a clear epoxy casting resin designed to fill knots, cracks and voids in wood substrates with minimal shrinkage. Use MirrorCast to fill voids prior to finishing wood components.

  • Create beautiful decorative wood art
  • Fill medium to large size knots
  • Fill inclusions in wood slabs
  • Tint with System Three epoxy pigment dispersions
  • When cured, MirrorCast can be sanded, shaped or drilled.  
$ 42.95
Mix Ratio by Volume100:50
Mix Ratio by Weight100:40
VOC Content0 g/L
Minimum Curing Temperature70° F (21° C)
Working Time @ 70° F (21° C) 1 hour

SDS Part A | SDS Part B


Application Guidelines




MirrorCast hardeners ship as hazardous and will incur additional charges when shipped via air. Ground shipments generally do not have additional hazard charges. We will contact you with the details of any additional charges before shipping your order.

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