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Welcome to the System Three Resins Resource Library, your home for technical information on the System Three family of products. The menu options above will lead you to a wealth of information on epoxies, paints, coatings and encapsulates.

The Literature tab will take you to such great resources as The Epoxy Book in PDF format. First published over 20 years ago, it has been an invaluable guide for boat builders and woodworkers everywhere, as well as anyone with an interest in how to use our epoxy-based materials. A PDF version of our full Epoxy Catalog can also be found here. Other great resources on this page include the MirrorCoat brochure, the EndRot brochure and our pamphlet on Clear Finishing of Outdoor Wood.

Our Technical Data Sheets give you specific data about each of our products. If you need to know specific cure times, coverage rates, application temperatures, etc. this is the place for you. They can be accessed here or from our product detail pages.

We receive many inquiries about our products. We’ve included many of them in our General Product FAQs. If you don’t see you question answered here, the link to contact our technical team is at the bottom of the FAQ page.

At System Three, we are concerned for the safety of our customers. Our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available should you have questions about handling our products safely. We always recommend wearing gloves when handling non cured epoxy products. All epoxy and paint products available on this site will have a MSDS. You will not find MSDS for custom products here. To request an MSDS not on this site, please submit contact us via email or call 800-333-5514.