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ShowRoom Decorative Flake

ShowRoom Decorative Flake is a polymer-based material that enhances the appearance of ShowRoom Garage Floor Paint by adding distinct color and texture to the surface. Apply sparsely or heavily to the point of complete refusal.



ShowRoom Decorative Flake

We offer three different color options to suite your individual taste.

Standard density: Up to 3 lb. of flake / 400 ft2
Heavy density: Up to 5 lb. of flake / 400 ft2
To Refusal: Up to 60 lb. of flake / 400 ft2


• You have three unique color choices available for personalization to suit your style and preferences.
• Enhance your garage space by making it more visually appealing.
• ShowRoom Decorative Flake does not contain harmful chemicals.

Three amazing color flake options

extend your footprint(s)