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SB-112 is a clear, almost water white high-modulus epoxy system, UV-resistant for maintaining longer surface gloss. Unlike many epoxy systems, SB-112 will cure to a clear, glossy, blush-free surface. Use as a sealer, topcoat, saturation coat or tie-coat.



SB-112 is a two part epoxy system that excels as a primer/tie coat for polyester resin materials. SB-112’s surface does not inhibit the curing of the polyester resin at the interface. What results is an exceptional bond between the epoxy and polyester resin systems.


• Features a convenient 2:1 mixing ratio

• Solvent Free

• Ideal for polyester gelcoat repair

• Blush Free

• Grain Sealer for wooden musical instruments


What is the SilverTip Series?

The SilverTip Series Products

Frequently Asked questions

The general rule is that epoxies will bond over cured polyester but polyesters do not bond over epoxies. To get around this problem, we developed a resin system that can be used as a "tie-coat" barrier and is unique in allowing polyester resins and gel coats to be bonded directly over it. This epoxy is called the SB-112 and is available on our website.

System Three offers one epoxy system called SB-112 that is UV-resistant. This epoxy system is formulated to have maximum ultra-violet light resistance. However, epoxies in general do not perform well in exterior environments where UV exposure occurs. Exposure to direct sunlight causes the epoxy to break down, which leads to the possibility of moisture intrusion to the substrate. Epoxies which have UV absorbers added, such as SB-112 gain some UV resistance and are good for projects that will only have short exposure to the sun. Projects that will be in long term direct sunlight will benefit from applying paint or a quality UV protective clear coat.

We get a number of requests from luthiers (stringed instrument makers) on how to fill pores in the wood bodies. We are not experts in this field, but we have many customers who use our SB-112 Epoxy for this application.