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Return Policy

Returns Policy

Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization. Custom tinted paints will not be accepted for return. A restocking charge of 20% is charged on all returnable merchandise. Returns shipped freight collect or without a return authorization will not be accepted. No returns or adjustments will be made after 30 days from invoice date. Shipments returned to us because the carrier is unable to deliver to the address provided by the customer will be charged the standard 20% restocking fee unless the goods are reshipped at the customer’s expense.

What To Do if Your Order Arrives Damaged

Packages showing minor damage should be accepted. Refuse your shipment if it appears to be greatly damaged or leaking. If FedEx leaves it for you in this condition, call your local FedEx office and refuse it. Your refusal of a damaged package preserves System Three Resins’ right to help us get your money back or your merchandise replaced. Note all damages on your delivery receipt or bill of lading. Notify us of the damage and we will handle the claim from our end, adjusting the claim to your satisfaction.

What To Do If Your Order Is Not Complete

FedEx treats all individual packages as separate shipments. In some cases multiple package shipments will arrive over a period of three days. If your order is one or more cartons short, allow a day or two for the balance to arrive, and then give us a call if it is still incomplete. Claims for incomplete shipments or missing items will not be honored beyond 30 days of invoice date.