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Safety Precautions

Avoid Contact with Skin

Epoxy resin can cause sensitization from prolonged or repeated unprotected exposure.

This sheet gives an overview of general protection measures when working with two-part products containing epoxy resin. Complete information on each System Three chemical product is contained on the products Safety Data Sheet (SDS), available at your System Three dealer or on our website.


1. Protect Hands

Wear disposable latex or vinyl gloves.

2. Protect Body

Wear clean protective clothing or disposable Tyvek® type coveralls.

3. Protect Eyes

Wear safety glasses. If any resin does come in contact with your eyes, flush out with water for fifteen minutes.

4. Protect Lungs

Avoid breathing sanding dust. Wear a properly fitted NIOSH respirator or a quality dust mask when sanding cured epoxy resin-based products.


Clean Up

Clean up with warm water and soap or waterless hand soap. A citrus based cleaner with pumice is a safe and effective choice to remove epoxy products from skin.

Do not wash with solvents. (Solvents dilute the resin and make it easier for it to be absorbed by the skin).

If you experience skin irritation, redness, or soreness, after using any of our two-part products, obtain an SDS and get medical attention.