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December 17, 2009 2 min read

Rail Repair w/ T-88 in the u-TAH dispenser

Oak Railing repaired after 10 Years with System Three T-88 Structural Epoxy Adhesive and the u-TAH Cartridge System. I bought my home in Freehold, NJ, back in July of 1997 and I've been staring at this split railing at the top of my staircase from the get go. I'm not sure how long it was like that before we bought the place, but let's figure it's been like that for, at least, 10 years. I've been sick of staring at, but since I couldn't even pull the delaminated piece back to the main body with my bare hands, I figured it would be a tough chore (probably require a bolt, which wouldn't look so clean).

I then contacted System Three Resins, a company out of Auburn, Washington, who is renowned for their strong wood glues. They suggested that I use their T-88 Structural Epoxy Adhesive, so I went to a local retail wood (sp?) store and picked some up. It came in two ketchup-type squeeze bottles (resin and hardener), which you had to measure in equal amounts, mix with a stick (I used a tongue depressor) and then try to apply it. As you can see from the picture of my split railing, it was going to be difficult to apply this adhesive into the very tight/narrow areas, in which it needed to be applied (I needed full coverage to ensure a good enough bond).

I quickly realized that this was a messy, inconvenient way to apply this adhesive, even if it was an excellent product. I called System Three back and explained my dilemma. They immediately advised that they now offer this same great adhesive in an easy to use caulking tube, made by a company called TAH Industries, called the u-TAH Cartridge System. This system works in a standard caulking gun, which I had, and with the use of a static mixer, there was no measuring and manually mixing the material with a stick. You simply attached the static mixer, which had a small enough outlet to get into tight spots, drop the whole thing into a caulking gun, and apply your adhesive. It was that simple!

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