The following will serve as a guide for estimating the amount of SilverTip™ Series product you’ll need. The key to any estimate is a reasonably accurate idea of the surface area involved. The numbers given are in square feet of coverage per gallon of mixed resin and hardener except as noted. Divide by 40 to convert figures to square meters per liter.


Coating Wood First Coat Subsequent Coats

Softwood Plywood/Veneer 250 400

Hardwood Plywood/Veneer 325 400

Vertical Surface-maximum non-sag 500 500

Fiberglassing (sealer, wet-out & fill coats)

4 ounce cloth 150 300

6 ounce cloth 130 250

10 ounce cloth 100 170 Biaxial Tape 32 40


Glue Lines* Thickness Consistency Soft Wood Hard Wood High Pressure 8 mil Thixotropic Fluid 0.85 0.73

Low Pressure 20 mil Soft Paste 1.32 1.20

*Figures are in gallons of mixed product per 100 square feet of glue surface area. Both surfaces wet out with GelMagic. High pressure includes vacuum bagging while low pressure includes stapled veneer, loose joints, etc. One mil equals .001 inch or about ¼ millimeter.

Volume of Fillets:

The amount of filleting compound in gallons per lineal foot of fillet for any practical fillet is equal to about 0.0111r2, where r is the fillet radius in inches.

Volume of Fairings:

The amount of fairing compound in gallons per square foot of fairing surface area is equal to 0.623t, where t is the fairing thickness in inches.


For a printable version of this section of The Epoxy Book, click the PDF icon below.

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  • Kevin Mulligan
    Kevin Mulligan

    I am with Crystal River Boat Builders in Florida and we used a couple of small containers (8 or 10 0z.) of your two-part thickened epoxy “Gel Magic” on our latest boat, an 8-ft. rowing dinghy and were very pleased with ease of mixing and applying. I’d like to get some more but did not see it packaged the same on your website. One of our builders got the previous container thru an offer in Wooden Boat Magazine. Is it still available?

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