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December 07, 2010 1 min read 1 Comment

latest project, a ten-foot, flat bottom skiff. Designed and built by yours truly. The boat was built with 1/4" meranti plywood from Edensaw Woods, and of course, System Three general purpose resin and T-88, (purchased from Revchem in Tacoma).

custom plywood skiff

This is actually my fourth boat in the past five years or so. A picture of my kayak is still on your web site. I have to confess, that I have tried a few other epoxies over the past years, and I keep coming back to System Three! To me, the acid test for an epoxy is it's resistance to cratering when applied over a sanded, epoxy coating, compared to other brands, System Three does every time. I hope you continue selling the General Purpose resin, because I'm afraid to try any other resins! I want to include your new SilverTip stuff! I may have to break down and try some EZ-Fillet, and Gel-Magic on my next project, though.

Yours Truly, George Burns

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August 10, 2017

Nice custom 10 ft. Any spec’s on this. Just what I am lookin for. I fly fish mostly lakes around Olympia. Have you had it out an if so can you stand an fish. Thanks for any info.

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