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February 11, 2011 1 min read

cedar hot tub


This is the Super "R" hot tub from Maine Cedar Hot Tubs, Inc. The outer shell of these tubs is constructed from an oil finished Western Red Cedar and accented with brushed stainless steel bands to mirror the appearance of the traditional cedar or redwood tub.

Maine Cedar Hot Tubs, Inc. use System Three Silvertip Epoxy to cold-mould and overlay the cap rail, base rail, and inner shell of the tub. This process yields an extremely durable and waterproof vessel with a character and appearance that is more like a piece of fine furniture than a hot tub.

The void between the inner and outer shells contains the jet piping and four inches of closed-cell foam insulation; the "R" factor, as built, is 25 making these tubs very economical to operate. The cold-moulded portion of the tub that is pictured is done with cedar facing, however, any wood that the customer desires can be used. Previous materials used include teak, cherry and various figured hardwoods all with stunning results. The tubs are available in nominal diameters of 5 through 8 ft. and to any depth the customer desires.

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