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Our Epoxy Paste Pigments are pure, dry, colored, pigments dispersed in in an epoxy resin blend. They are pourable, easily measured, and contain no solvents, and may be blended with one another to produce additional colors. Since they are dispersed in an epoxy resin blend, they react into the system and do not change its cured properties. The proper way to use these pigments is to add them to the resin (Part A) side and then add the hardener(Part B) at the correct ratio for the epoxy system being used.

The pigments will make a clear epoxy base resin translucent or opaque depending on a number of factors, including amount added, substrate color, pigment used, film thickness and the presence of any other fillers. Paste colors are very concentrated and may be blended with one another in any proportion, keeping in mind to add a maximum of approximately 10% pigment paste by volume of combined resin and hardener.

When adding two or more pigment pastes together, it is easiest to make a "master batch" of the combined colors and clear base, and mix with hardener as needed. The master colored Part A batch will allow you to avoid having to match a particular color combination each time you mix some clear product to tint. This batch can be stored for later use since this tinted Part A resin base is stable in any proportion. If the tinted resin has sat for more than a couple of days though, it can settle upon standing so re-mix it prior to the next use.

Although these pigments will make an epoxy coating colored and opaque they will not improve the cured system's resistance to UV degradation. Protect the cured epoxy with a clear coating containing UV absorbers if it will be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. System Three's WR-LPU Topcoat or Urethane Spar Varnish are excellent choices for UV protection. All epoxy systems yellow slightly over time, but it is usually apparent only for white pigmented systems.

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wes wagner
wes wagner

July 10, 2017

Have some blue System Three Paste that has gotten very stiff—can I thin with anything so that it is easier to mix??

Daryoush Moayed
Daryoush Moayed

July 11, 2016

Is this Paste RoHS?

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