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June 21, 2016 2 min read 2 Comments

Customer Gresh Laing was kind enough to share a little bit about his gorgeous Navy Chief Bar project. Mr. Laing writes:

"I've been serving in the United States Navy for 17 years, and after moving my family around the world 4 times, I look forward to having a cozy place to enjoy with friends. The need for a well stocked "man cave" is what inspired the creation of my 48" tall, 28" deep and 62" deep centerpiece.

The Navy Chief bar is made of Sapele and Curley Maple wood and features a locking liquor cabinet, storage for 40 bottles of wine, and integrated racks for pint glasses and shot glasses. The sides and top are enriched with boiled linseed oil. The sides are top coated with Helmsman Poly Satin.

However, what gets the most attention from all my buddies that visit is the carving in the bar top which is covered and protected by System Three Resin's "Mirror Coat". The carving was done in a CarveWright CNC router. The application of the "Mirror Coat" was initially very nerve racking but turned out to be very simple and yielded incredible results.

I first mixed a small batch of the 2 part resin and hardener. This first batch was used to fill the carving. I poured only enough to get the carving to fill up to the level of the surrounding bar top. I used a butane torch to lightly heat the product which purged any bubbles that were trapped as advised by the very professional support team at System Three Resins. This was left to dry overnight.

The next afternoon I mixed up a larger batch and "floated" a layer approximately 1/16" thick. I spread this layer with a poly brush and ensured to wrap the material over the sides. I then cleaned up the runs with a plastic putty knife. Again, I used the butane lighter. This was left to cure overnight.

The following afternoon I mixed up the remainder of the "Mirror Coat" and floated a final 1/16" thick layer and ensured the sides were sealed as well. I completed one last pass with the butane lighter.

I couldn't be happier with the results! Thanks System Three Resins for a great product."

2 Responses

Eric Wood
Eric Wood

December 06, 2017

Looks awesome brother

James Ray Humphries
James Ray Humphries

November 11, 2016

This is a AWESOME project you have created ( looks great ) plus THANKS very much for your service to protect US and OUR U.S.A. –
WE salute YOU forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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