Product Description

Quick Cure-15 will give you some additional working time over the 5-minute product.

  • A two-component, solvent-free, epoxy/polymercaptan adhesive system.
  • Mix at a convenient 1:1 ratio.
  • Ideal for all small jobs requiring a strong bond and rapid cure.
  • An excellent gap filling adhesive.
  • Highly water resistant but not waterproof.
  • Cures at lower temperatures.
  • Available in cartridges that dispense with a conventional caulking gun.
$ 20.95
Mix Ratio by Volume100:100
Mix Ratio by Weight100:97
Total Solids1
Mixed Viscosity10,500 cps
Tensile Lap-Shear Strength (Aluminum/Aluminum), psi1311
Heat Deflection Temperature101°F (38°C)
Maximum Service Temperature125°F (52°C)
CoverageSee Product Usage Estimations Chart
Minimum Application Temperature40°F (5°C)
Gel Time @ 77°F (25°C)Quick Cure 5: 4-5 Minutes (30g mixture)
Quick Cure 15: 10-12 Minutes (30g mixture)
Tack Free @ 77°F (25°C):Quick Cure 5: 5 Minutes
Quick Cure 15: 15 Minutes
Use Quick Cure for installing bungs, repairing missed staple holes prior to fiberglassing, "tack welding" wood, and for those other glue jobs, which require a fast cure. Do not use below the water line unless protected by an over coating like SilverTip Laminating Resin, STR General Purpose Epoxy, Clear Coat, etc.

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