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Hot Tubbing with SilverTip Epoxy 0

This is the Super "R"  hot tub from Maine Cedar Hot Tubs, Inc. The outer shell of these tubs is constructed from an oil finished Western Red Cedar and accented with brushed stainless steel bands to mirror the appearance of the traditional cedar or redwood tub.  Maine Cedar Hot Tubs, Inc. use System Three Silvertip Epoxy to cold-mould and overlay the cap rail, base rail, and inner shell of the tub.

Samantha Malay Uses MirrorCoat for Metal Tiles 0

I like to make durable surfaces using resin and small pieces of salvaged metal. I learned about MirrorCoat(tm) from Darin Montgomery, furniture designer-builder and owner of Urbancase. Nick Gucker at System Three Resins was very helpful, by phone and email, when I had technical questions about its use.

Send us your success story! 0

Send us your stories of epoxy projects using System Three products. We may publish them in this area. (please attach photos to your e-mail - rgb jpeg format no larger than 500k) Be sure to come back as we will continuously update this area with stories from around the world!

Custom 10' Skiff 1

latest project, a ten-foot, flat bottom skiff. Designed and built by yours truly. The boat was built with 1/4" meranti plywood from Edensaw Woods, and of course, System Three general purpose resin and T-88, (purchased from Revchem in Tacoma).

custom plywood skiff

This is actually my fourth boat in the past five years or so. A picture of my kayak is still on your web site. I have to confess, that I have tried a few other epoxies over the past years, and I keep coming back to System Three! To me, the acid test for an epoxy is it's resistance to cratering when applied over a sanded, epoxy coating, compared to other brands, System Three does every time. I hope you continue selling the General Purpose resin, because I'm afraid to try any other resins! I want to include your new SilverTip stuff! I may have to break down and try some EZ-Fillet, and Gel-Magic on my next project, though.

Yours Truly, George Burns

Scribner's Skiff 0

two people in skiff

I built a stitch and glue Montana Boatbuilders Skiff from a kit using Silvertip Epoxy with slow hardener. It was a great project and continues to be great fun.

Bill Scribner Cheyenne, WY

The GoldenEye Standard 0

Pygmy Boat

This is a picture of my Pygmy Boats GoldenEye Standard. I made a hybrid version of this because I wanted to try strip building but I was inexperienced. So I decided to try it on the deck only. The hull is made up of 4mm Okume Plywood and the deck is made of up White Ash, Honduras Mahogany, and Black Walnut combinations. I used System Three products in every aspect of the building process from gluing the plywood panels together, wetting out the fiberglass cloth, and the polyurethane coating of the whole kayak. I love the products that I am using from System Three and will continue to use them on my next kayak project.
Glenn Brzyski Designer and ASME Certified GDTP Moog, Inc.

Rot Repair: A profitable trend well worth following 0

Rot repairs can easily become another service for you to offer your customers that will put more money in your pocket. Some contractors are finding that repair work can contribute significantly to their yearly revenue.
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High-performance Coatings for "Do-It-Yourselfers" 0

Over the last thirty years, chemical product manufacturers have had to meet tremendous challenges. Two of these with huge impact are regulatory requirements and, less prominent, but with greater long-term effects, changing customer attitudes. System Three Resins, a manufacturer of polymer products in the marine industry for over twenty-five of those thirty years, has met those challenges. And one area where we feel we've done better than most is marine coatings.

Product Compatibility Questions 0

A common technical question goes something like this: "Will XYZ paint work over your epoxy?" Or perhaps the corollary question "Will your epoxy work over ABC stain?" Our answer, which is almost always the same, often shocks the inquirer: "We don't know, you'll have to test it yourself. Here's how to do it...".

u-TAH Cartridges 0

Simplicity in epoxy adhesive use has finally arrived! Just drop a System Three u-TAH™ cartridge into a conventional caulking gun, add a mixer tip and squeeze and apply. What could be easier?