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Milled Glass

A finely ground fiberglass that can be incorporated into a structural filleting putties to improve tensile strength.

The addition of Silica Thickener will prevent sagging or draining.


Fillers FAQ

Homebrewing your own epoxy compounds instead of using the SilverTip line of ready-to-use epoxy compounds involves mixing various fillers into a mixed batch of one of our liquid epoxies. Below are some guidelines for creating common compounds using System Three General Purpose Epoxy, Cold Cure, SilverTip Epoxy, Clear Coat, and SB-112 Liquid epoxies.


1 cup of Silica Thickener to 6 oz of mixed epoxy.


3/4 cup of Wood Flour to 6 oz of mixed epoxy.

Fairing Compound:

1/2 cup of Silica Thickener + cup of Glass Microspheres to 6 oz of mixed epoxy.

Filleting Compound:

1 cup of Wood Flour to 6 oz of mixed epoxy.

Playdough-like Putty:

3 cups of Glass Microspheres to 6 oz of mixed epoxy.

For further detail on mixing and applying compounds, please refer to our Whitepapers.

Milled glass is a bulking agent that can be added to liquid epoxies to increase the tensile strength of the compound. Milled glass can be used along with silica thickener or wood flour in our General-Purpose Epoxy, Cold Cure Epoxy, or SB-112 to create adhesives, fairing, or filleting compounds.

The SilverTip line of pre-filled epoxy compounds are premium products that offer the following benefits over "homebrewing" your own epoxy compounds:

- Filler load levels have been optimized and tested for the highest performance.

- The compounds are mixed under a vacuum leading to a buttery smooth bubble-free mixture.

- A longer working time is possible as pot lifetime is not lost measuring and mixing in the fillers.

- Consistency in every batch.