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Wood Flour

Wood Flour, a fine sawdust that has been filtered so that there are no lumps, is excellent for creating wood glue and structural fillers and fillets. It is a fibrous filler that is also thixotropic. To make a smoother fillet, some users add a small amount of Silica Thickener.

Alternatively use SilverTip EZ-Fillet for ease-of-use.


Fillers FAQ

Homebrewing your own epoxy compounds instead of using the SilverTip line of ready-to-use epoxy compounds involves mixing various fillers into a mixed batch of one of our liquid epoxies. Below are some guidelines for creating common compounds using System Three General Purpose Epoxy, Cold Cure, SilverTip Epoxy, Clear Coat, and SB-112 Liquid epoxies.


1 cup of Silica Thickener to 6 oz of mixed epoxy.


3/4 cup of Wood Flour to 6 oz of mixed epoxy.

Fairing Compound:

1/2 cup of Silica Thickener + cup of Glass Microspheres to 6 oz of mixed epoxy.

Filleting Compound:

1 cup of Wood Flour to 6 oz of mixed epoxy.

Playdough-like Putty:

3 cups of Glass Microspheres to 6 oz of mixed epoxy.

For further detail on mixing and applying compounds, please refer to our Whitepapers.

Wood flour is a thixotropic filler that can be added to liquid epoxies to make a non-sagging paste. Wood flour can be used with our General-Purpose Epoxy, Cold Cure Epoxy, or SB-112 to create gap-filling adhesives and filleting compounds.

The SilverTip line of pre-filled epoxy compounds are premium products that offer the following benefits over "homebrewing" your own epoxy compounds:

- Filler load levels have been optimized and tested for the highest performance.

- The compounds are mixed under a vacuum leading to a buttery smooth bubble-free mixture.

- A longer working time is possible as pot lifetime is not lost measuring and mixing in the fillers.

- Consistency in every batch.