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Rot Fix is an easy to use, low viscosity epoxy wood sealer, primer, and consolidant for repair and restoration of rotted, deteriorated, dried out or spongy wood. RotFix is a component of The EndRot System. It creates a sound, waterproof base for repair and restoration filler putty.



RotFix is an ultra-low viscosity epoxy that penetrates deeply into soft, punky wood substrates. Unlike many popular “penetrating” epoxies, RotFix contains no solvents. It hardens punky wood and acts as a chemical bonding primer for both SculpWood Putty and Paste. The combination of RotFix Penetrating Epoxy and SculpWood Putty/Paste creates a permanent repair that will not shrink or crack.

RotFix can also be used as a stand-alone wood consolidant product for firming up punky wood prior the application of primer and paint. The result is a stabilized substrate that adds longevity to the primer and paint system.

Note: RotFix does not kill rot fungus or keep it from returning. For long term protection from rot and decay first use EndRot Borate Powder.


• Solvent Free

• Penetrates deeply into punky wood

• Cures over damp wood

• Low odor

• Compatible with most water and solvent based primer and paint


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RotFix is chemically formulated to cure over damp substrates. Best results are achieved by removing the wet, punky wood from the repair area. If the wood is visibly wet after removing the punky material, use a hair dryer or heat gun to further dry the substrate.

SculpWood Putty can be applied over the RotFix immediately, or up to 72 hours later without sanding. A wet-on-wet application of the SculpWood to the RotFix is encouraged to obtain a strong bond. There is, however, no detriment to applying the SculpWood later in time. If the RotFix has cured longer than 72 hours, degloss the surface with sandpaper or a soft, flexible abrasive pad. Apply fresh RotFix, followed by the SculpWood Putty.

When the Resin (Part A) and Hardener (Part B) are mixed, they start to cure through a chemical reaction that produces heat. When left in too large a volume, this reaction can start to accelerate, leading to premature curing and excessive heat. To avoid this issue, pour out the product soon after mixing into a larger working container. This spreads the volume out, reducing heat buildup. Additionally, it's best to start with a small batch. You can always increase the batch size if necessary.