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Sculpwood Paste

SculpWood Paste is a two-component, spreadable, waterproof paste for filling cracks and defects in rot-damaged wood. It spreads easily; won't sag, drag or pull. An excellent companion for SculpWood Putty where filling cracks is needed.


Sculpwood Paste

SculpWood Paste is a creamy smooth, two-part finishing paste compound. SculpWood Paste is non-shrinking and will not crack like most exterior fillers. It’s an excellent companion for SculpWood Putty where filling cracks and small defects is needed.

SculpWood Paste can also be used as a standalone product for exterior architectural repairs such as filling cracks, dings, or nail and screw holes. When cured, it sands like wood and machines easily. SculpWood Paste is compatible with most water/solvent-based primers and paints.


• Non-shrinking

• Low odor

• Two color system ensures complete mixing

• Solvent Free

• Waterproof

• Non-sag

• Easy 1:1 mix ratio


What is the EndRot System?

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The EndRot System FAQ

If the Sculpwood Putty has cured to a hard state, you can apply more SculpWood Putty. First, apply RotFix Epoxy to the SculpWood Putty. Allow the RotFix to reach a tacky state, then apply SculpWood Putty over the RotFix.

If working with SculpWood Paste, simply sand and apply more SculpWood Paste.

The resin content of the products is high enough to effectively have them function somewhat as sealers, and the stain will not penetrate the same way it will into bare wood.

Some suggested work arounds:

- If a dark stain is being used, coarsely sanding the SculpWood in the same direction as the grain of the wood before staining can produce a reasonably close match.

- Our Quick Cure Putty is available in 6 standard wood species colors.

- Mix dry pigments or our Epoxy Pigment Concentrates into the paste or putty. This can approximate the color of the stained wood around it.

Yes, first drill a slightly undersized pilot hole for best results.