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Pennant Primer

Pennant Primer is a waterborne, two-part epoxy coating specifically formulated as a tough, below-the-waterline primer for most commonly available marine topcoats.


Pennant Primer

Pennant Primer is a waterborne, two-component epoxy-polyamide primer. It contains no harmful solvents and cleans up with water. It bonds tenaciously to most clean, sanded surfaces, while providing a friendly surface for water and solvent based topcoats.

For marine applications, the Pennant Primer can be applied above or below the waterline. Pennant Primer will also seal fairing or other filler work before top coating.


• Clean up with water

• No flammable solvents

• Low odor

• Fully cures in 72 hours

• Easy to use

• Compatible with most topcoats on the market today


Finishing FAQ

Often times, if the existing coating simply needs a boost of luster, it is not necessary to remove the existing coating completely. Sanding and cleaning are typically all that is required prior to applying a fresh coat of System Three epoxy or paint.

Keep in mind that the adhesion of a fresh coat of epoxy or paint is only as strong as the existing coating is on the substrate. So if it appears the existing coating is lifting or looks compromised in any way, you should consider stripping it back down to the substrate.

Pennant Topside Paint is designed to be applied over Pennant Primer for marine topside applications. If another manufacturer's topcoat is being used, testing on some scrap material is recommended to ensure you are satisfied with the results. It is also a good idea to perform an adhesion test before making your decision.

Pennant Topside Paint bonds tenaciously to unsanded Pennant Primer. If necessary, sand Pennant Primer to remove defects that would otherwise telegraph through to the topcoat.